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Message from Rev. Diane Smith, our minister.

Dear Friends,

First of all may I take this opportunity for both Nigel and I to wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Thank you to all those people who will be taking on extra duties over the Christmas period, it is very much appreciated.

Christmas certainly provides us with all sorts of extra opportunities to reach out to those in our communities. May God bless all our endeavours to share his love at this very special time of year.

A painting by Leonardo Da Vinci has just been sold for a record $450m. That makes it the most expensive painting ever. It is called 'Salvator Mundi' and depicts Christ, with his hand raised as if about to give a priestly blessing. (see below) He is the Saviour of the World, says Leonardo. It is a beautiful painting in which Jesus is holding a glass globe representing the whole world.

It is ironic indeed that such a painting should come with so great a price tag when at Christmas we are called to remember and reflect upon, the completely free self-giving of God in Jesus.

We call this self-giving 'Incarnation'. Below, I have attempted to write a short piece of prose which takes its inspiration from Genesis Chapter 1. The prologue to St. John's Gospel and the letter to the Hebrews in which Christ is called 'The Pioneer and Perfecter of Faith'.


First gift, first light,
First morning.
First word, first song,
First Dawning.
Time given before time,
Chaos moulded into rhyme.

In the beginning, at the start,
At the core, at the heart.
Word of God,
Only Son,
Love in essence,
Permanent one.

See the grace, tacked on grace.
See the son take His place.
Surrender all,
Bend so low,
Provide a space for you to know.

Incarnation drawing near,
Babe in arms, pioneer.
Incarnation has begun.
God the Father,
Sends the Son.

Love and God Bless


Many thanks to all of you who sponsored me for my 10 kilometre run which I did at the end of October. I was raising funds for Christians against Poverty. If you haven't already done so please let me have your sponsorship money. If you have already let me have your sponsorship money many thanks for your donation to this most worthy charity.