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Message from Rev. Diane Smith, our minister.

Dear Friends,

In the Season of Pentecost a reflection on 'The Holy Spirit'.

A group of dispirited followers of Jesus had gathered and locked themselves in an upper room, probably the same room where the Last Supper was held.

There was probably more perspiration then inspiration in the room.

There was fear and suspicion.

The room was occupied by a group of followers who were afraid they would suffer the same fate as their master.

So they listened to every step on the stair; they waited for the knock of the executioner; they prayed that no one would discover their hiding place.

In contrast there is the powerful image of the Holy Spirit as one who is not shy of the boundaries and the barriers that people erect.

The Spirit is not halted by locked doors or locked hearts; the Spirit doesn’t exclude herself from the restrictive areas people settle in.

When the Spirit comes, it is not like a spring breeze that whispers unnoticed through a room; it is more like a hurricane.

The Holy Sprit's presence makes the disciples open their lives to others they don't just decorate the sacred building, they leave it and pass over into the lives of other people with the gifts of Gospel and peace and forgiveness.

The disciples go 'Outdoors'.

The Spirit which fired the apostles and which enthused Paul is the same Spirit which fires and enthuses us.

The Spirit does that in our own mundane attempts to work at forgiveness and love and understanding.

Just like a bird in flight or the wind you cannot contain or trap the Spirit.


Dear Lord May we all have an 'Outdoor Faith' and be willing to step outside our comfort zones for the sake of the Gospel.


Love and God Bless