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Message from Rev. Diane Smith, our minister.

Dear Friends,

We should expect the unexpected from a God who surprised the disciples by rising Christ from the dead.

In the days between Easter and the Ascension, the disciples didn't know when Jesus might appear or what he might say. He kept on surprising them. The events of Pentecost were even more astonishing. Think of the reaction on Facebook if it all happened today! The expectations for the effect on the world would be huge.

If we allow it and are prepared to look deeper, God will continue to surprise us by working in our lives. The effect could be as huge for us as it was that first Easter.

If we truly want to be continually surprised by God we must look more closely at the story of God's love for people and planet and especially at the life of Christ.

If you feel that the meaning of the gospel settled in you from early childhood, look again and again for new fresh insights and surprises. Ask deeper questions of the story; ask deeper questions of your own life. Look for signs of God’s eternal presence continually in the world at large.

Make the most of resources on offer, Bible Study, Lent and Advent Courses, opportunities to learn from others of a different perspective and background.

In Holy Week this year the Rev’d Jane Cassidy will be leading different times of reflection.

The dates and times are on the Home page of this website.

Do participate if you can.

Good preparation in Holy Week reliving and internalising the events of the Last Supper and the horrors of the Crucifixion pave the way for an even greater and more joyful Eastertide.

May God who sent his son to reconcile the world surprise you afresh as you once more consider the cost the glory and the joy.

Be surprised this Easter!

Nigel and I wish you a very happy and Blessed Season.

Love and God Bless


PS I am grateful to the many people who will be taking up extra duties during my sabbatical.

On our return I look forward to sharing with you the resources of the new Godly Play Classroom and continuing our work together serving our wonderful God of Surprises.