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Message from Rev. Diane Smith, our minister.

Dear Friends,

At Seaton Road Methodist Church the Café Worship team have set aside time this year to consider Early Church History and what lessons we can learn from the early disciples of Jesus.

This is a most inspired course of action, because there is so much we can learn from Early Church History that speaks directly into the modern world.

The Early Church was faced with tremendous challenges of social care, inclusion and how best to connect with neighbours who had sometimes vastly different world views. (Does this sound familiar?)

On 18 March we had a Mission Area Service in which we also looked at early Methodist Spirituality and the central place of the Love Feast or Agape meal.

At such meals all are invited to speak, if they wish, of their experience of faith and of their relationship with Jesus with all its joys Challenges and mystery.

Personal testimony is such a precious means of natural evangelism, inclusion and invitation.

At Pat and Glen's Membership Service at Trinity we heard first hand something of their faith journey and later in the year we will be able to share and support Martha from Trinity and Neil from Trimley as they witness to their personal faith story in the context of Church membership.

Personal Testimony will also be very much a part of our next Mission Area Service, Sunday 6 May at 10:30 at Seaton Road, when we welcome our Mission Partners, Catriona and Steve.

At Landseer Road on Friday 11 May we have a Thanksgiving and Celebration Service for the Boys Brigade to which all are welcome beginning at 18:30 and we hope that some of our friends from Gainsborough will also be joining us as well as others from around the Circuit.

We give thanks for the great faithfulness of God and pause to give thanks to those past, present and future, who will be the sharing their faith story to inspire and encourage us.

Love and God Bless