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Message from Rev'd. Diane Smith, our minister.

Dear Friends,

Across the UK and beyond this November, we shall remember and mark the ending of the First World War.

Thank you to all those who are involved in all sorts of preparations for the celebrations of this event. Many churches in the area have worked hard to produce wonderful poppy arrangements and memorials.

This year does indeed mark a significant time in our history.

At school my favourite subject was History, often over looked and undervalued as a subject. Surely one of the main reasons for teaching history is that we might learn from the mistakes of the past.

On a much smaller scale, in our prayers of confession we are revising history, all be it our own recent history and seeking both God’s forgiveness and renewal.

In November we also share in our Annual Remembering Service at Trinity Methodist. This year it will fall on 4 November starting at 6pm.

This space is provided for you to come and remember your loved ones and light a candle for them.

I should like to thank Farthing Funeral Directors and all those involved who make this service a very meaningful and special occasion. If you have not been before perhaps you would like to come along.

As we mark the occasion of the end of the First World War and as we come together to remember our loved ones and offer each other love and support, we will also light a candle for those who are unable to remember individuals, who have dementia and their loved ones.

A Prayer
Loving God, who forever looks for peace, justice and reconciliation, help us to be ever mindful of the cost of war and the price many have paid and continue to pay.

In our grief, ever be our comfort, that we in turn may offer comfort both to those troubled by painful memories and those no longer able to recall the past.

In the name of Jesus we pray.


Love and God Bless